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Social Selling on LinkedIn 101

Conor Paulsen, Co-Founder/President
December 28, 2023

Welcome to the Social Selling on LinkedIn Newsletter, where we dive into best practices for growing your sales through developing meaningful relationships on LinkedIn.

This newsletter is all about practical advice that you can put into action immediately. Selling should be about solving a problem for your buyer - NOT just about the features of your product/service.

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What is Social Selling?

Social Selling is the latest buzzword - to keep it simple let's talk about what it actually means. At the end of the day sales is about solving problems. The best way to identify a problem that your product/service can solve is through building a relationship and providing real value before trying to pitch someone.

Social Selling Breakdown

  • Identify a problem your prospect faces & confirm with them that this is a problem
  • Build a relationship through providing resources that fit their specific needs - NOT just spamming resources you think MIGHT help them
  • Continually following up to learn what has changed and how you can help
  • Pitching a service/product that would help solve their problem, while also laying out the landscape of what other options exist to solve their problem
  • Guiding a prospect through the sales process by listening, learning, and evaluating their specific needs.

Social Selling is the way that sales was meant to be done - and it's the way that some of the most successful sales people have always done sales.

Why is LinkedIn Perfect for Social Selling?

If you're reading this, chances are I don't need to convince you of the value LinkedIn provides. However, I want to label a few specific things. LinkedIn is the perfect social selling platform because it marries cold outreach with social media.

LinkedIn is a hybrid between cold outreach platform & social media - this is undervalued. While you can reach out to specific leads that fit your ideal prospect, you are simultaneously building a highly targeted audience that will see your content.

The ability to hand pick your network is powerful when compared to the one-and-done nature of Cold Email/Cold Calling.

How Should I Be Using LinkedIn for Social Selling?

This is a newsletter that prioritizes actionable tips & tricks - so we are going to do just that. Below is your weekly prescription for Social Selling on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Weekly Social Selling Action Items

  • Send 200 weekly connection requests to your ICP. Filter for people who have posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days (active users)
  • Message each new connection, while avoiding clichés like "thanks for connecting" or "I'd love to add you to my network" - read your message out loud. If it sounds unnatural it will read the same way. Be straight forward, but short and to the point (150 characters or less)
  • Post 2-3 times weekly - as you are building new connections these people are going to see all of the content you are posting, especially when they are brand new connections. If they start liking/commenting on your content then they will continue seeing it.
  • Comment on 5-10 posts of OTHER LinkedIn users each and every day - check out our YouTube for an easy way to implement this while leveraging tools like ChatGPT

👇 For a full step-by-step guide to building out your LinkedIn Social Selling strategy you can watch the video below 👇

How Do I Find My Target Market on LinkedIn?

This is a question I get all the time - or people tell me that their target market isn't active on LinkedIn. To which I respond, unless you are targeting people in the trades or entry level employees then your target market is on LinkedIn.

Using filters on LinkedIn Sales Navigator are going to be key to finding your target market. You can learn more about how to use LinkedIn filters effectively in this LinkedIn Sales Blog post.

Additional Resources

  • Try LinkedIn Sales Navigator free for 60 days (link not available anywhere else) - $200 value
  • Learn more about how to use LinkedIn the right way on our YouTube channel
  • Check out our company Newsletter - LinkedIn Made Simple
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  • Find a time to chat and develop your LinkedIn Sales Strategy HERE

Welcome to the LinkedIn Made Simple Newsletter, where we talk about LinkedIn best practices in an easy, yet actionable way. If you want even MORE tips and tricks be sure to check out our YouTube channel where our Co-Founder/CEO, Chris, puts out multiple videos a week.

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