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Top 5 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation In 2023

Uptown Creation Team
December 28, 2023

Welcome to the LinkedIn Made Simple Newsletter, where we talk about LinkedIn best practices in an easy, yet actionable way. If you want even MORE tips and tricks be sure to check out our YouTube channel where our Co-Founder/CEO, Chris, puts out multiple videos a week.

These 5 tips are some of the newest, and most emerging features on LinkedIn that very few people are taking advantage of. If you are able to implement each of these tips on a consistent basis you will be putting yourself (and your company) in the top percentile of LinkedIn users. Not to mention that your sales pipeline will grow with the right prospects.

1) Invite Connections To Follow Your Company Page

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LinkedIn Business pages are a great way to get a feel for buyer intent and build the brand side of you business. One of the newer features that LinkedIn has added is the ability to invite up to 250 of your connections each month to follow your company page. Even better, when someone accepts the invitation you get this credit back (similar to how InMails work).

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Don't have a company page yet? Create one today following LinkedIn's Guide. Invitation credits reset on the 1st of each month.

Make it a goal to invite 250 people each month to follow your company page. Then send a message to every new follower you get throughout the month to see how you can help them.

Don't spam them with an ad, truly try to understand why they are following you and how they are looking to be helped. You can even give them a few tips via DM!

2) Turn On Creator Mode

Click here to turn Creator Mode On after you read the benefits below!

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LinkedIn is testing a ton of new features. Newsletters, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Audio (like Clubhouse), and a bunch of others. The best way to get access to these features on both your company page AND personal page is to make sure that you have Creator Mode turned on your personal LinkedIn profile.

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You may not have access to all of the Creator Mode tools right away, but the sooner you turn it on the sooner you will get access!

3) Send 200 Connection Requests Every Week

If you decide to implement any of these tips...make it be this one. This tip is literally how you get free marketing to one of the most expensive demographics to target via any form of marketing. If you don't know how to find the right people to connect with, us this 60 day LinkedIn Sales Navigator trial. No excuses for not building your connection base in 2023.

New connections are the lifeblood of LinkedIn. Once you are connected with someone you gain the ability to message them, have them see your posts, and invite them to events/company pages/etc for forever. This is a HUGE deal - not many things in life are forever, but connections on LinkedIn are one of them.

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Better yet, connections are like free marketing. Imagine if you could run ads to an extremely targeted audience without ever having to pay a you are starting to understand the power of your audience on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerhouse of a platform for a number of reasons - one of those being that you can hand pick the people you want to connect with, who in turn become your audience.

Building new connections on LinkedIn is literally like being able to hand pick people to show an advertisement about your brand - except you NEVER have to pay to show it to them, and you get exposure to your network for as long as LinkedIn is around.

4) Host a LinkedIn Live & Invite Your Connections

LinkedIn Lives are like a webinar hosted within LinkedIn. You might ask yourself, why wouldn't I just host my own webinar on Zoom or Google Teams? The answer is - Audience & Distribution.

The goal of hosting a LinkedIn Live should be to run a 30 minute session doing one of the following:

  • Answer a hot topic + provide commentary
  • Provide training on a specific subject
  • Interview a key thought leader in your industry
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You'll notice a similar trend that having connections on LinkedIn helps you amplify your branding/marketing efforts to the most relevant people.

You might notice that you get push notifications on your phone when someone starts a LinkedIn Live - or you might get a notification on your Desktop. This is just one example of many ways that LinkedIn rewards you for creating great content.

LinkedIn Lives are probably one of the most underutilized features on LinkedIn. Use it in 2023 and you will be WAY ahead of your industry. LinkedIn has a bunch of case studies of companies using LinkedIn Live in different ways - from Salesforce to Deloitte, companies of all sizes are getting tons of value - and the best part is - it's free!

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Click the image above for the PDF version of this slide. Credit to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team for creating this great visual.

If you have any questions on hosting your first LinkedIn Live feel free to reach out to me personally and I'll walk you through it, or you can follow LinkedIn's Guide Here.

5) Start a Monthly Newsletter

I know what you're thinking...a newsletter about newsletters - inception at it's finest.

It would be a disservice to not mention LinkedIn Newsletters as one of the top emerging features. While this is the newest feature LinkedIn as added, you will notice a trend here.

LinkedIn is focused on easy ways for creators to utilize different mediums to distribute content to their audiences. The more that you can take advantage of this trend early on, then the better your company and brand will be positioned.

Newsletters are the perfect place to create content that provides DEEP value. Notice all of the hyperlinks I've included in this article for example. I use Newsletters as a way to drive value to those who are willing to consume it. In doing so, I want the information to be as easy to consume and actionable as possible.

Create a Newsletter about your niche and really commit to publishing once a month. After a year, you'll look back with at least 12 articles that set the stage for anyone researching your company on LinkedIn.

Make your Newsletter sharable, actionable, and entertaining (if you're lucky).


  1. Connections are the lifeblood of LinkedIn - send 200 connections a week to your ideal target market. Each connection is worth at least $5 in marketing value over a year. Make this a priority.
  2. Invite your connections to follow your Company Page to build an audience separate from your personal LinkedIn.
  3. Leverage Creator Mode to host LinkedIn Lives, Newsletters, and other events - invite your connections to supercharge your reach.
  4. Come back for more newsletters, we’re just getting started here.
  5. Learn more from our CEO on our company YouTube Channel
  6. Try LinkedIn Sales Navigator for 60 days FREE

Pro Tip: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best way to keep track of your connections as you grow your audience. Create Lead Lists and Saved Searches to make sending connection requests, and keeping track of them, take less than 15 minutes a day.

Welcome to the LinkedIn Made Simple Newsletter, where we talk about LinkedIn best practices in an easy, yet actionable way. If you want even MORE tips and tricks be sure to check out our YouTube channel where our Co-Founder/CEO, Chris, puts out multiple videos a week.

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